Satisfy your CSR and Talent seeking

The EBP deliver innovative work-related opportunities for young people to prepare them for a successful working career. There are a multiple ways that individuals or businesses can get involved and make a difference both for the next generation of recruits and your company.

Managed CSR solution
• We provide an effective means of bringing employers, schools, colleges and students together locally to influence work skills development and career direction finding.
• Employers are supported at every level of their involvement delivering; quality work experience placement, work-based challenges, career insight, mentoring or workplace visits.
• Ensured a consistent and high quality experience for employees and the young people they encounter.

Talent pipeline investment
• The EBP programmes are integrated onto the school/college timetables.
• Employers are briefed and supported in the delivery of Information Advice & Guidance on careers, work place visits, work experience, work-based challenges to help develop the skills and attitudes toward work aspiration and future employment.
• With informed careers decisions and work-based experiences the students are better prepared with relevant opportunities, which in turn create a higher quality and informed talent pipeline for employers.
• This approach involves existing employees (covert training and recruitment) and supports recruitment and retention for employers whilst building a positive relationship with the local community.

Measured & demonstrated impact
• With any employer involvement, each student is measured against their skills and behavioural development.
• This information is shared with employer partners to support business reporting and the planning of their contribution to the programme.