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1. How do I begin to get involved?
EBP’s Business Development Manager would be delighted to set up a meeting to explore your company priorities around volunteering or CSR and future skills development. Telephone 01635 279900 and ask for Jane Grunseid.

2. Is there a cost involved?
EBP is a not for profit charity, some involvement requires only your time however if we help you develop a bespoke CSR or skills development programme we ask for funding to cover our support and delivery costs. Your contribution will help sustain the delivery programme and ensure we provide the very best service for all involved.
There are a number of ways to support the programme;

• CSR investment and recognition package
• bespoke skills development programme
• employee volunteering programme

3. How can we get involved?
There are plenty of ways in which business professionals can make a difference to work skills and confidence of young people:

• Provide work experience placements
• Represent your business sector at a careers fair
• Sponsor/support a skills development event – real time work challenge
• Inspire the next generation in science, technology and engineering
• Host student visits to your organisation
• Host a teacher for a day
• Talk to student groups about your industry, your work and career path
• Be an Interviewer and give a student a real life practice business interview
• Be a Business Mentor or Buddy or a Judge at one of our enterprise skills development events

Your involvement can be totally flexible to match your available time and capacity.

4. Why should we get involved?
When we asked our regular business volunteers (we have over 1.5k a year) why they invest time to influence and inspire young people, they said they recognise the benefits both personally and professionally. Ultimately you can make a positive difference to the local community where you operate and where your employees live.

Staff training – an opportunity to practise and refine a number of skills in a safe and non-threatening environment such as interviewing, influencing, public speaking. Students will always give you instant, honest feedback!

Influencing future workforce skills – pass on knowledge and insight to the next generation and make a meaningful contribution.

Networking and professional links – meet other local business professionals where you can exchange advice and support and potentially meet new customers.

Relighting the fire – working with young people can give a change of scenery or
help inspire those that are ‘work weary’.

Seek the insights and voice of young people

Last but not least, it is rewarding and fun!