Spotlight on Careers

A series of hands-on workshops, giving students a taste of business life and the challenges involved. If you or your company are in any of the following sectors, we’d love to hear from you.

DateLocationIndustry Sector
Wednesday 28th FebruarySwindon AcademyIT/Technology
Wednesday 7th MarchSTEAM, SwindonBusiness/Engineering
Tuesday 27th MarchTrinity School, NewburyEngineering
Tuesday 24th AprilWheatley Park, OxfordshireCreative/Design

Business Mentors for Business Challenges

More opportunities coming soon!

Educate and inspire about your profession

More opportunities coming soon!

Interview Skills

More opportunities coming soon!

  • Help students to understand good and bad interview techniques and practise the good ones.
  • Help students to understand their own personal skills and qualities and start to articulate these via developing a personal statement.
  • Review CVs – providing hints and tips aimed at the personal statement. A short introduction followed by an opportunity for Business Volunteers and Peers to review existing CVs. Students will be asked to write down (and hand in) the top three improvements they intend to make to their CVs during a future session to be organised by the school.
  • Social Media and Personal Profile – A discussion led by EBP and volunteers, and questions in groups to discuss what social media use can say about an individual to a potential employer. Students will consider what changes they will make to their social media presence to improve their personal image/profile.
  • Support for Financial Awareness Workshops

    Helping young people understand the value of money so we can stop being the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’

    In an hour, students choose a career and make important decisions about where they spend their money, after revealing their typical starting salary, calculating how much tax and NI is paid, they finally see if their take-home pay is more or less than what they’ve spent!

    This eye opening session raises all sorts of questions, and your life experiences are just what they need to help them through. The only experience needed is being able to manage your own finances!!

    Benefits to you/your staff – practise questioning skills and using some basic maths, this is a great opportunity to help young people realise the true costs of living, what a TV licence is for/why you have to pay tax and National Insurance.

    Interviewers giving practice interviews

    More opportunities coming soon!

    Skills/experience needed – staff with previous interview experience or staff that need to practise interview skills

    Benefits to you/your staff – practise interviewing skills, this is a great opportunity for potential managers and junior staff

    From previous events, students’ confidence increased as a result of having had a practice interview by over 40%

    Work Experience Placements - we need your help!

    Placements in the workplace for students aged 14 to 19 are in constant demand. We currently place over 1,000 students each year in West Berkshire. Work experience gives invaluable opportunities to young people, allowing them to experience the world of work and for student studying vocational courses, it allows them to gain essential knowledge related to their course.

    Please contact us for more information about the placements we are looking for this year.